If you are a woman of a certain age, Britney Spears almost certainly played a significant role in your childhood. The kids we knew wanted to dress like Britney and dance like Britney, and most of all to have hair like Britney. She was the most iconic blonde of the early aughts. Now that hair is gone and we don’t know who we are anymore.

Nicole Richie went to see Britney’s Las Vegas show, and she Instagrammed these pictures showing a brand new Britney, who has recently dyed her famous blonde hair a new shade of deep burgundy. It was a bit of a shock to see. A non-blonde Britney seems as weird as a spotless Dalmatian. Even when she’s swapped colors in the past, even to shades of brunette, it always seemed like a temporary thing. We knew the blonde would be back. Britney’s blonde was as reliable as the sunrise.

But shock and ruined childhoods aside, Britney does look pretty good. Her blonde had been getting a little brassy and dry, and the red glaze gives her a nice shine. We do wonder how this will effect her Las Vegas show, though. One of the reasons so many celebrities go blonde is that a really bright, light blonde looks amazing under stage lights. Of course the voice is the most important thing for a singer, but the way a performance plays from stage counts too, and some eye-catching hair can help a lot. Gwen Stefani is an extremely energetic and talented performer, but even she credits the day she went blonde as the moment “everything changed” for her as a performer.

But Britney’s red dye job seems to be doing an admirable job of catching the stage lights, and anything it drops will certainly be picked up by the rhinestones of her sequined body suits. If we learned anything from the videos for Toxic and Womanizer, it’s that Britney can pull off any kind of hair she wants.