"Magic In The Moonlight" New York Premiere - After Party

Oh, were you planning on getting stuff done today? Do you have work to finish? Errands to run? Children to feed? IT CAN WAIT. It must wait, because Emma Stone got a really cute haircut. Prove to me that you know how to properly prioritize in life. Spend the next few minutes ogling over this stranger’s hair with me.

Opening Ceremony And 'Birdman' - Premiere - 71st Venice Film Festival

Emma debuted the new look at the opening ceremony of the Venice Film Festival, where she was seeing the premiere of Birdman, and I have so many questions. First of all, what is Birdman? Second of all, how has she pulled off so many different lengths and made each one look more right than the last? The only time her hair’s ever looked less than perfect was when they frumped her up for The Help, and even then it was cuter than mine. Third of all, how did she top her last big hair change? I was all about the shaggy ombre that she wore to a Spider-Man press event, but this blunt little bob looks perfect on her. I know she’s a natural blonde, but it looks like she was put on this planet to have this particular hair. (If we had footage of Emma emerging from the lab where scientists crafted her, Jennifer Lawrence, and Beyonce for the purposes of winning over all women and ruling the world, I feel like we’d see her rocking this cut.)

Opening Ceremony And 'Birdman' - Premiere - 71st Venice Film Festival

I know it’s silly to get excited about seeing strangers with slightly different hair, but this cut is definitely getting added to my list of favorite hairstyles. If I take these photos into a salon and ask for similar treatment, you have to promise not to judge me.

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