Emma Thompson Saving Mr. Banks Hair

We should take a moment to talk about how awesome Emma Thompson is. She’s brilliant and clever and a tremendous actress. We’re always thrilled to see Emma Thompson in anything, largely because of loyalty to her from Sense and Sensibility and Much Ado About Nothing, so of course we’re stoked to see her in Saving Mr. Banks as Mary Poppins author P.L. Travers, even if she hated her P.L. Travers hair more than anything in the world.

“It was a nightmare!” she said. “People would bleat in the streets as I went by.”

The dark, tightly curled hair does look a bit sheepy.

“I didn’t have sex for six months!” she said. We assume she’s joking, because she’s funny like that. Also she’s been married for 10 years, and a relationship that long can generally withstand even something as terrible as a bad haircut. But bad movie hair is tough for an actor. Just remember poor Javier Bardem, who did not get a wig for No Country for Old Men and had to go around like this throughout filming:

javier bardem gif giphy

That poor guy must have been terrifying children for months.

Thompson couldn’t wait to get her hair back after shooting was completed on Saving Mr. Banks, which premiered Friday. She showed up to celebrate with some lovely blonde hair that was straight and shiny and not sheep-like at all.

“I just wanted to freshen it up,” she told US Weekly. “I like it.”

Via US Weekly/Photos via WENN, Giphy