harry styles hair

I knew this day would come eventually, but I didn’t realize it would be so soon. On the morning of Monday, October 6, 2014… I officially paid attention to something Harry Styles did. I was kind of holding out hope that his fame would come and go before I’d have to acknowledge another cutesy bad boy who breaks celebrity hearts and sings boyband harmony, but alas. He has finally landed on my radar. He’s rocking a man ‘do that cannot be ignored.

What’s going on here? My best friend let me attempt to give her a fancy updo one time, armed with nothing but a red carpet photo of Emma Watson from a teen magazine, a pile of bobby pins, and some expired, goopy products that my sisters let me play with, and it ended up looking just a tiny bit worse than this. Refinery29 tries to make sense of it all, but they don’t seem to get much closer than I have:

It’s a bun! It’s a braid! It’s whatever the hell is going on atop Harry Styles’ head. The One Direction singer sported a hybrid between the ever-popular man bun and tight-to-the-skull plaits. The result? Head-scratching.

You can say that again. Harry’s hairstylist, Lou Teasdale, took to Instagram to show off… whatever this is… but before you go blaming her for the monstrosity atop his head, she later tweeted that she’s “really soz about his hair.” Okay. You’re off the hook for now, Lou, because I don’t believe that anyone with a license to do hair would come up with this.

As horrible as it is, though… I kind-of-almost-sort-of like it. I like it in the way that I always like watching celebrities do weird shit so I can live vicariously through their odd choices. I like it in the way that I understand how much power he has over hoards of little girls all across the world, and I really like imagining them looking at this photo and finding it sexy. Just keep doing your thing, Harry. I guess I’ll be watching now.

Photo via @loutesdale on Instagram