how to cut your own bangs

It’s easy to convince yourself, in a moment of passion, that you’re capable of cutting your own hair. I’ve gotten as far as holding the crafting scissors up around my ponytail before my very kind and caring college friends had to pull my arm away and talk me down. I once watched a friend force her jagged hair into tight ponytails for a full five months before enough of it grew back for her to get a real cut. Has it ever worked out for anyone? Probably. Will it work out for you? No. Feel free to DIY a facial or do your own nails, but say it with me, ladies: You should not attempt to cut your own hair. If you’re not thoroughly convinced, just watch this College Humor video.

Aptly named “How to Cut Your Own Bangs,” this video takes you on a 2-minute journey through the all emotions you’ll experience while giving yourself a trim. “You don’t have to be going through a breakup,” the beauty blogger-type character says, “but it helps.” She then goes on to tumble through a million beauty mistakes that we’ve all gotten close to committing in a moment of weakness, until she finally ends up bald and hopeless. It’s a bit of an exaggeration, sure, but… it’s not that far off.

If you wrack your brain, I’m sure you’ll find several anecdotes about your own friends getting a little scissor-happy with their hair and living to regret it. It’s a way more common mistake than it ought to be. I personally blame Pinterest for hypnotizing us with pictures of handmade lanterns and cat-themed weddings and hair chalk tutorials until we believe we’re capable of doing anything imaginable with our hands. I won’t cut my own hair if you won’t cut yours. Deal?

Photo: CollegeHumor on YouTube