Oh happy day! Jennifer Lawrence is losing that irksome pixie cut she’s been rocking since November.

Lawrence was seen shopping at Rag & Bone in New York, and she was sporting a choppy, chin-length bob that looks about 100 times better than the pixie cut. It fits her DNGAF, messy, cool-girl vibe way better than the Kris Jenner look, which at best looked like Princess Di in the mid-90s and at worst looked exactly like Kate Gosselin.

The pixie cut only existed because Lawrence’s hair was so damaged from having to change it for movie roles all the time that she finally just had to cut it all off. Now time has given her more hair, and we can’t believe how much better it looks. She has been blessed with some A+ hair luck and somehow managed to skip the awkward, in-between stage entirely. Now gets to run around with a really chic, trendy, choppy bob, and she looks completely fantastic.

While we pour a 40 on the ground for the pixie cut, we must remember that it had a few good moments, like in her cool editorial for Dior magazine. But those shots only looked so good because her hair was intentionally disheveled with about a pound of texturizing product and then she was photographed in arty black and white. But life is not shot in black and white, and most of the time that pixie cut just looked matronly. Considering Jennifer Lawrence is a 23-year-old movie star, she should not be having to deal with looking matronly, ever.

Jennifer Lawrence’s pixie cut was particularly harsh, because I normally love pixie cuts. Beyoncé‘s short-lived pixie was one of the best I’ve ever seen, and I’m always about one mojito away from taking Anne Hathaway‘s perfect pixie cut to my stylist and getting several feet of hair chopped off. (The only thing stopping me is that my stylist won’t give you a haircut after one too many mojitos.) But despite my deep, abiding love of pixie cuts in general, I maintain a deep dislike of Jennifer Lawrence’s specific pixie cut.

Now that it’s gone, I’m going to go celebrate in the streets, and maybe start pulling reference images for choppy bobs. J-Law’s new ‘do seems like a really good option for spring.

(Photo: PCN)