When we think of Jessica Alba, we think of honey. Not that movie she was in—Honey, which we think was about dancing but might have been about bees—but the fact that from her skin to her light brown hair she’s always been one long, glowing, honey-colored shade of tan. Sometimes her hair varies—she’s a Hollywood movie star and they never keep their hair one shade for long—but while it’s sometimes dark brown and sometimes trendy and ombré we were shocked to see her most recent selfie and learn that Jessica Alba has gone blonde.

jessica alba blonde

She didn’t get some highlights, either. She went full-on blonde and we are shocked to hear ourselves say it, but we really like this change. The chunky brown roots are straight out of 1994, but everything in fashion is about 90s nostalgia right now, and we adore that she kept her eye brows dark brown.

In Style informs us that Alba’s bright blonde hair is for a role. She’s playing Valerie Knox in the upcoming Barely Lethal.

Alba always looks gorgeous with her brown and honey colored hair. She has gone blonde for roles before, like Nancy in Sin City and Sue Storm in The Fantastic Four, but we never liked those even a little bit. We hated her crazy Sue Storm fembot look, with the brassy bleached hair and the glassy contact lenses, and yet we love the way this looks completely. The cooler blonde complements her face and eyes, and the dark brows and roots keep things looking a bit cooler than an all-over dye job. Honestly, we hope she keeps this for a while.

Maybe there’s something to be said for 90s roots after all.

Via E Online/Photo: Instagram/jesicaalba