Kelly Osbourne can’t stop, won’t stop debuting new haircuts on Instagram. At the beginning of April she shaved a trendy undercut into her lilac bob, and the results were pretty cute. Just two weeks after that she shaved even more for a choppy, uneven undercut that still left a lot of length on the top and back. And now she’s taken it a step further and just shaved everything but the top into a type of lavender fashion mohawk. Maybe she’s addicted to the sound of clippers.

Perhaps more surprising than her new mohawk is the fact that it was debuted via no-makeup selfie.

“Make up free and loving it!” Osbourne wrote.

It’s a surprising choice, given that she’s the face of a MAC cosmetics collaboration right now, but for once we actually believe that a starlet is going bare-faced in her no-makeup selfie. (Her eyelashes appear un-curled, which is usually the first giveaway when a celebrity decides to fake a “no makeup” look.)

Later that night she put her makeup back on to debut the new mohawk properly at an event. I don’t personally like it quite as well as the short bob with the shaved sides, but then I like a good undercut. It’s still quite cute, though.

What do you think of Kelly Osbourne’s new mohawk?

(Photo: Instagram/KellyOsbourne)