kim-kardashian-blonde-1If the Kardashians are famous for anything besides just being inexplicably famous, it’s their long, shiny, gorgeous black hair. The whole crew has it, and though Kris Jenner currently rocks a pixie cut, we fully expect her to start growing her hair out to Kardashian lengths at some point in the next year. But Kim Kardashian has apparently decided to break ranks with her K-clan and actually go blonde. And while we never thought Kim would look at all good as a blonde, we have to say this look is really working for her.

While Kim started her recent journey towards blonde with a nice post-baby ombré dye job, she’s now a full-on shade of gold that’s reminiscent of Barbie. Kim Kardashian’s blonde hair is as shiny as ever, though, and the light color surprised us by looking really good with her skin and eyes. With the relatively restrained makeup and fashiony gray dress she wore to visit the Dash store while filming an episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians (this is a full face of slap, but really toned down for a Kardashian), she looked all kinds of beautiful and glowy. We even loved her plunging gray Donna Karan dress, until she decided to try moving in it:

kim-kardashian-2 Oops! That slit would be a bit too high even if the dress weren’t cut with a navel-deep cowl neck. Kim looked really good while standing still, but as soon as she took a step it was like, “Whoa, dress, shouldn’t there be a bit more of you up there?”

We like slits on dresses, but in general are opposed to clothing that requires women to take very tiny steps everywhere they go. This dress was made for posing, not walking.

Photos: WENN