Kristen Stewart might the tough, angry new face of Chanel, but now she’s gone full Fifth Element for a new movie role, and we like it.

Stewart’s transformation was revealed last night via Instagram by New Orleans salon Maison de Cheveaux, and while we don’t like it quite as much as all the trendy pastel purple that has been going around lately, it makes for a nice change.

Kristen Stewart’s new orange hair is reportedly for a role in her new movie, American Ultra, an action comedy with Jesse Eisenberg that’s reportedly filming in New Orleans.

“Kristen Stewart gettin her hair ready for a new role!” the salon tweeted yesterday alongside the photo debut of Stewart’s punky new orangey-red hair color. The salon owner said the new color was actually assigned by Stewart’s director to suit the character.

“The director of the movie told us what color to dye Kristen’s hair. [Stewart] was very sweet and cool,” the salon owner told US Magazine.

As overall not-shitty as being a big Hollywood movie star seems, it must be irksome to not get a chance to decide what to do with one’s own hair. This choice was made by the director for a role, and Stewart’s complained in the past that if she weren’t an actress she’d be able to have more fun cutting and dying her hair as she pleased.

Considering the new color is just for a role, it probably won’t be sticking around for very long. But it looks pretty cool for now, and we are intrigued to see how it will play on the red carpet.

(Photo: Instagram/MaisondeCheveaux)