kylie-jenner-It is the end of an era. Kylie Jenner, the cool Kardashian, has ditched her trendy blue (and sometimes green) tips and gone back to all-over black hair like the rest of her family.

“Back to black,” she announced as she debuted the new hair color on Instagram a few hours ago with an emoji of a skull. The hair change is a new development. Just yesterday she was posting new photos with her ends a bright, summery shade of teal.

The dark hair looks cool on Jenner, if a bit goth Blossom with that big hat she’s wearing, but I can only hope this does not become a big trend. Kylie Jenner was one of the first celebrities to jump on the bright hair color trend this summer, and if she is going back to black, others might follow in her wake.

But I have been enjoying this particular 2014 trend very much, especially since Raven Symone came out looking like a My Little Pony with her rainbow and purple hair. While I am personally too chicken to dye my hair another color permanently (it seems to go with the territory of being a redhead) I love watching other people experiment with cool new hair colors. If Nicole Richie or Kristen Stewart darkens their hair back to a more natural color, the world will be a less bright and cheery place.

Kylie Jenner looks cool with her hair dyed black, but she doesn’t seem to be too afraid to take risks, so she’ll probably jump on the fun hair color bandwagon again soon. I hope she goes with something cool, like rainbows or something. And she’s lucky, because if she picks something that doesn’t work out, she can always just cover it up with black again.

(Photos: Instagram/KylieJenner)