The Kardashians are real trend-setters, at least within their own family. When one does something, the rest must slowly drop into line like dominoes. So it goes with Kim Kardashian‘s trendy ombré dye job, which started out softly caramel and eventually turned straight-up blonde. Now it’s her younger sister, Kylie Jenner, who has jumped fully on the ombré bandwagon with an edgy short haircut and bright blonde ends.

“New hair doe,” she Tweeted, alongside the new selfie.

Just a few days ago she debuted a shorter, edgier haircut at a red carpet event in New York. She told E! Online that she liked the shorter look but wanted to go even further.

“I want to go shorter…like to my collar bone!” she said.

Apparently Kim Kardashian influences her sisters by more than just example. In this case, Kylie had been totally on board with her new cut until Kim intervened.

“I loved my length until my sister Kim sent me a picture last night, and was like, ‘My hairdresser wants to cut your hair this [shorter] length,'” she said. “So I’ll try it.”

As of Thursday night, Kylie’s hair was still the characteristic Kardashian inky black with just a couple copper pieces peeking out at the ends. Sometime Friday she made the blonde shift, and we like that it’s different from her sister’s version. Even with a fashion blowout, Kim’s hair is shiny and Barbie-like. Kylie’s has a cool, blunter cut and a more matte finish, which she attributes to “voluminous dry shampoo.”