miley cyrus bob

There are many ways to get into the world of fashion. You could throw money at it, pound on its doors until it admits you, or charm it with an adorable baby, all of which have been working pretty well for Kim Kardashian and Kanye West. (Anna Wintour is chilly, but she has a known weakness for adorable babies like Harper Beckham and North West.) But just outright stealing Anna Wintour’s signature haircut is a technique we had not considered until Miley Cyrus debuted her new bob last night and we were struck by how Wintour-ish it looked.

At the 24th Annual KROQ Almost Acoustic Christmas last night, Miley Cyrus showed up in a black cable knit sweater, nylon jacket, bright red/orange lipstick with bold black brows, and a new head of straw-colored, chin-length hair parted down the center with short bangs. And she looked pretty freaking adorable.

The new look could be a wig, or hair extensions, or maybe this is just what it looks like when Miley Cyrus’ undercut is parted down the center. The Daily Mail has more pictures, and they don’t like her dark roots, but we do. The dark roots are on-brand for Cyrus’ edgy new schtick, and we like the way she reminds us of Michelle Forbes in Kalifornia.

As is often the case with these things, the makeup makes or breaks a look, and this particular look is spot-on. Miley Cyrus looks particularly good with a relatively bare eye (we’re particularly fond of her look when she has no eyeliner along her lower lashes), bold eyebrows, and bright, bright lips. We don’t normally take style cues from Miley Cyrus, but a cozy sweater and orange lipstick definitely seems like a decent look for December. If only we had the style team to keep a bob looking that good every day.

Via The Daily Mail/Photo: Instagram/MileyCyrus