After fooling everyone last week by Instagramming a picture of a cool purple dye job that turned out to be a Photoshop hoax, Nicole Richie has gone and dyed her hair purple, and it looks fantastic.

This makes us feel like we’re actually friends with Nicole Richie, because Photoshopping one’s hair purple for Instagram just to fool one’s friends is totally something one of our friends would do. Our friends would also almost certainly have a change of heart a few days later and say, “Wait, that looked awesome. I should do that for real!”

And that’s exactly what Richie has done. After Richie shared the hoax haircut, Kelly Osbourne got really excited about the idea of having a hair twin.

“I’m in loooooove with @nicolerichie even more now I have seen this pic! I dare you to make it permanent so we can match!!!!” she tweeted.

Richie apparently took Osbourne up on the dare, because last night she shared a new purple picture of herself, writing, “About last night …”

In that new picture, the hair color actually looks real. Check out all the little flyaways around her hairline. She’d have to be the real deal or a very committed Photoshop prankster.

She later showed up at the Oscars after parties rocking a white fur stole and the seriously awesome purple hair.

The purple hair really suits her. This could well be Nicole Richie’s best look ever, and it will likely inspire many of us to return to the temple of Manic Panic.

Later that night she ran into Osbourne, who was so excited she lost the ability to type coherently.

“Guess took the bet & dyed there hair MY color @nicolerichie,” Osbourne tweeted. But we can’t hold the composition errors against her. Richie’s hair did look amazing, and if we’d been at an Oscars after-party late Sunday night, we’d have been through far too many fancy cocktails to type properly, too.

(Photos: Instagram/nicolerichie, Instagram/kellyosbourne)