retro hair tutorialI love a really “done” head of hair. I used to watch Eva Gabor on Green Acres and wonder just what on Earth was going on up on top of her head. In fact much of the early aughts at my house was spent looking for retro hair tutorials on the Internet. Victory rolls were always my favorite. Those Minnie Mouse ears of hair on top of the head are so wonderfully contrived and always say, “I’m doing something retro” instead of “I am really old-fashioned.”

How To Get Perfect Retro Hair And Makeup Every Time, According To Cherry Dollface

Sometimes retro hairstyles can veer a little costumey, which is great if you are looking for that, but sometimes you just want something a little vaguely vintage-inspired to wear to the office. Whatever your taste, check out these eight awesome retro hair tutorials from YouTube to find the look that works for you. (And if you know of a good one I missed, let me know in the comments. I can always use more.)

Even Pin-Ups Were Retouched

1. Faux Victory Rolls tutorial by CherryDollface
Semi-rolls create a cute little bump that looks clearly retro without looking costumey.
[youtube_iframe id=”pzaNNhHbCJ0″]


Retro Snap: Have You Seen Daniel Craig With Long Hair?

2. Full Victory Rolls by Esmerada Ramirez
Of course, there’s always room for the full-on victory roll.
[youtube_iframe id=”SbJDsE5UJNs”]


Retro Snap: Which Singer Is Rocking This Regrettable Hairstyle?

3. Swept-over Victory Rolls by Calamity Rach
Oh my god, this is like something out of Hairspray. It’s amazing.
[youtube_iframe id=”4XjkzmXsnA0″]


Seventies Throwback: Hair Goes Retro

4. Vintage Beehive Bouffant by PinupDollAshleyMarie
[youtube_iframe id=”E_ZGgnWd5GU”]


5. Retro Rockabilly Bandana Hair Tutorial by Susie Brown
[youtube_iframe id=”DGLNgpMMj90″]


6. Everyday retro hairstyle by AubreyLondon
This is a really nice, wearable retro look.
[youtube_iframe id=”UWl1aZOiHCQ”]


7. Retro 1960s Bouffant by LetsMakeItUp1
This Mad Men-esque bouffant can go anywhere.
[youtube_iframe id=”iv_lhvWEjaI”]


8. Modern Pinup Victory Rolls by PinupDollAshleyMarie
Boom! That’s some hair.
[youtube_iframe id=”TkiYhExw3kM”]