Now that Coachella is over and Selena Gomez has peeled off her bindi, she has decided it’s time to debut a new look for spring, and it’s actually pretty cute.

She also makes some tea. I’m pretty sure cup of tea means something deep and portends important things about the future, but I don’t know what it could possibly be. In the meantime, there is a cute spring haircut to look at and that’s way more important than whatever coded Illuminati message Gomez is trying to convey.

The choppy, shoulder-length cut with lots of layers is a really good look for spring, and much better than the long, heavy, fauxhemian hair extensions she’s been wearing recently.

Not long ago, Gomez looked like this:

Selena Gomez is joined by Kendall and Kylie Jenner on day one of week one at The Coachella Music Festival in Indio

But now her hair has been cropped into a cute, choppy, shoulder-length haircut that seems to be particularly on-trend for spring if Kim Kardashian is anything to go by. She’s still wearing beachy waves, and because you can take Selena Gomez out of Coachella but can’t take Coachella out of Selena Gomez, she is also wearing a floppy hat and a pair of giant glasses, which I’d be willing to bet money are fake.

Still, the shorter hair is a much more mature, fashionable look for Gomez. (Not to mention that it’s probably really uncomfortable to go through summer with 200 pounds of fake hair stuck to your head.) Her new haircut is an excellent look for her, and we definitely hope she keeps it for a while.

(Instagram: SelenaGomez)