Coachella is Vanessa Hudgens’ biggest role of the year, and last week she used the festival’s opening weekend as the perfect opportunity to debut some new blonde hair. (Also some bindis, because ugh.) The blonde hair looks cute on her, but its hidden benefit is that it allowed her to participate in an even more fun Coachella trend, and this one you might actually want to copy.

Yesterday Hudgens posted a few selfies to Instagram revealing that her hair is now rainbow colored:

At first we thought she was participating in the big “weird hair colors” trend that has been overtaking many of the world’s celebrities this season, including Katy Perry and Kristen Stewart. Hudgens did not, however, go with permanent hair color and instead just used some hair chalk to get the effect.

“Well hello hair chalk, you’re fun,” she said.

Hair chalk does seem like fun. Some people use regular artists’ pastels, but they also make pastel hair chalks specifically for this purpose. Best of all, since it goes on top of the hair, hair chalk can even create colors on dark hair. (An inability to effectively use a temporary rinse-in hair color on my medium-colored hair was the bane of my existence in high school.) Also it washes out, so if you have to go to work on Monday it won’t be a problem. Not that that’s a problem for Hudgens, but the rest of us might have to worry.

Hudgens tried out green and pink, and apparently decided that fuchsia was her jam, because the festival selfies she posted from yesterday at Coachella showed her with just pink tips and a Mara Hoffman bustier top.

The effect is pretty cute. So cute you won’t even have to wear a bunch of bindis for attention.

(Photos: Instagram/)