vanessa hudgens

Um, excuse me, Vanessa Hudgens? What makes you think you’re allowed to look this awesome? Just when I was starting to think that the trend of unnatural hair colors was starting to die down (dye down? lolol) just a little bit, you had to come in here and take things to a whole new level. Where do you get off?

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vanessa hudgens red hair

V took to Instagram this morning to show off her new look– an awesome bright red that keeps her naturally dark roots in tact. She teased us for a while, posting a photo of herself with her hair getting washed at the salon (“I hit my head,” she wrote. “Am I bleeding???”), before her hairstylist, Nikki Lee, posted a photo of the finished product. Vanessa herself quickly followed that up with another shot. I can’t believe I’m not bored of them yet. That’s how you know it’s a good look.

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vanessa hudgens hair pics

It’s hardly news that Vanessa is gorgeous– anyone who owns a High School Musical DVD can tell you that even Zac Efron is second tier eye candy when she’s around– but this might be her best look yet. That’s saying something, too. She’s such a style icon that her name has become synonymous with sexy-boho-mermaid, and she’s blown us away several times before with new hair, but I’ve never been this into it. I love the roots. I love how it all looks with her matching lipstick. I love that she seems to love it. It’s possible that she’s competing with Nicole Richie and Kesha for a spot in my Celebrity Hair Color Hall Of Fame. Nice work, Nikki Lee. Nice work, Baby V.

Photos via @vanessahudgens on Instagram