The Kardashians and their money- and fame-grubbing ways may represent all that is wrong with society, but in spite of that, they seem like pretty nice people, and it’s hard not to have one’s heart warmed by how close-knit they are as a family. (The family that stars on a trashy, terribly boring reality TV show together stays together, apparently.) The sisters are so close that Kim Kardashian was even able to forgive Kourtney for giving her those terrible bangs.

“#fbf sisters with style!” Kim captioned a completely adorable picture of herself as a tiny child sandwiched between Kourtney and a tiny, curly-haired Khloe. All three of them are wearing matching Christmas sweaters, red skirts, and big red hair bows. It’s exactly the kind of awkward family Christmas picture that floats around your mom’s house, waiting to embarrass you later. (Mine involved velvet dresses with big lace collars, and I had exactly the same terrible late-80s half-bangs as Kim does in this picture.) And one can’t help but notice that tiny Kim was already in command of the statement necklace at a very young age.

“#EvilKourtneyCutMyBangs #EvilMomDressedUsLikeThis,” Kim added.

Getting questionable haircuts is practically a right of passage for younger siblings, and as sibling haircuts go, that one isn’t all that bad. (My own younger sister could swear to that. Kourtney Kardashian appears to have much steadier scissor hands than I did.) Being willing to look back and laugh on a terrible sibling haircut is the mark of a good relationship, but whether or not they are willing to forgive Kris Jenner for those matching Christmas sweaters is another story entirely.

(Photo: Instagram/KimKardashian)