Hold a candle to someone has just taken on a whole new meaning. You can forget about the hair products and chemical treatments because setting your hair on fire will apparently make it look better. Why did I never think of this before?

Since everyone wants to know about everything related to the World Cup and Brazil (except maybe this), Fashionista asked Brazilians their hair secrets for getting locks that rival Gisele Bunchden‘s. (clearly a realistic expectation). Instead of the usual tips on frequent haircuts and gazillion dollar treatments, what Brazilian Victoria’s Secret model, Barbara Fialho recommended will surprise you. She says that the secret to her luscious locks is burning her hair with a candle. With an actual flame. Yes, really.

Before you go find an old birthday candle and strike a match, there is a precise technique. This is probably one that you should not try at home, like giving yourself a Brazilian wax. Barbara visits Laces and Hair Salon in São Paulo to get the treatment, and you too should put yourself in the hands of a very trusted professional (and no, being a pyromaniac doesn’t qualify you as one).

The burning treatment is called “velaterapia.” The skilled technician uses an open flame to burn off the split ends. He/she takes small sections of your hair, twists them, then runs a candle back and forth. I don’t get what is wrong with just cutting off the dead pieces, but apparently the flame opens up the hair follicle, allowing it to absorb moisture better.

I love new and slightly weird beauty treatments–provided they actually work–but it would take a lot of trust to allow someone to hold a candle to my head. There better be someone with a bucket of water nearby, just in case that flame starts creeping up to my scalp.

Can we just take a second to imagine the smell? If you’ve ever got distracted and clamped your hair with the curling iron for too long, you know what I’m talking about. Burning hair does not smell like freshly baked cookies–no matter how nice of a shampoo you’re using.

(Photo: Sarah 2/Shutterstock)