Have you noticed the big trend towards hair extensions entering the world around you? We have all seen Paris Hilton, Jessica Simpson, and many other celebrities wearing them alot over the past couple of years, but I have seen them really going mainstream lately. There are several different methods of putting extensions in, prior to recently they mostly required a trip to the salon, but that is no more. But for your information, I am going to talk a little about the different types of hair extensions available to you, in the salon and at home – as a great fan of transformations, I have tried most of these methods over the years, so will add what I like and dislike about them all. So, here we go, first off with Sew-In Wefts:

Sew in wefts – Wefts are the basis of most hair extensions – whether they are natural hair, or synthetic. Pictured above, wefts are long sewn together strings of hair. Sew in wefts are usually done at the salon, but really aren’t tremensdously difficult to do yourself, but it is necessary to have patience and the help of a friend. What you want to do (or what will be done to you in a salon) is to create a very thin cornrow that spirals around your head, starting at about an inch off of your crown. This is the bulk of the time issue with this method, it takes sometimes quite a few hours to get the tiny cornrow put into your hair. You want several spirals – the more spirals you have, the thicker your hair will be. There is nothing uglier than hair extensions that are not quite thick enough.

Once your cornrow is complete, you simply sew (yes, with a needle and some sturdy thread that matches your hair) the wefts on to the cornrow. This method is the longest lasting and most natural looking of all of the hair extension methods, I think, but in a salon it will cost big bucks, mostly due to the time it takes your stylist. Make sure your hair extensions are dyed the proper color first, but once they are in your hair, you can cut them into the perfect style for you!

Have any of you tried this before?

Image: HairUWear