Fun fact, I really only know how to do 2 hairstyles! When I don’t hot-roll my hair I generally braid it and twist it up. Sometimes because I want to look nice for a party, sometimes because I do not have 10 spare minutes in the morning. Man, since we’re doing this all week, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday are really going to suck. But on the upside, if you only know how to do these two hairstyles, people will think you know a lot about hair and ask you questions.

People are so dumb.

Let’s begin:

Step 1: You are going to need tools like these:

braided twist

1) A hairbrush. Or a comb. You’re going to want to brush your hair before braiding it. We’ll assume you already have a brush, but if not, you can buy one here for $6.

2) About 15-20 bobby pins, in a shade that matches your hair color. If your hair is both blonde and brunette, I guess this would be a good set for $13

3) Metal free hair elastics in your natural hair color (metal free because that little gold metal thing holding them together will show up, unless you tuck it under your hair, which is annoying to have to do). These ones work, and they’re available for $4 

Step 2:

Braid your hair. Smooth it back and braid it just as you normally would. Keep a part in your hair, don’t keep a part in your hair, whatever is easiest for you. Don’t put any elastics in yet. If you want to know more about how to braid hair, here is a video:

Step 3: When you’ve finished braiding your hair, tie the hair at the bottom with an elastic. Then pull the whole braid straight up towards the crown of your head. Like this:

Step 4: Once you’ve done that, take the bobby pins and pin the hair on the sides so it’s anchored in place. A note – it’s often my inclination only to pin up one side of the braid, the side that is easiest for my to reach with my right hand. Don’t do that. That’s idiotic. If you do that, the other side of the braid will come loose throughout the day and the whole thing will fall apart. Pin the braid up straight on both the left and right sides of the braid. If you have shoulder length or longer hair, a bit of braid is going to extend over the top of your head. Don’t pin that. We’ll get to that. Pin it like this:

bobby pins braided twist

Step 5: Now that you’ve got that braid pinned up straight, take the part that extends over the top of your head and gently bend it down, either towards the left or the right. Tuck it as close as possible to the straight, pinned braid. People say you should be able to go under the braid, but, you know “as close as possible” works, too. Then pin it down, just as you did with the other braid. Both sides.

braid twist

Now we are ladies. Let’s go have tea with Margaret Thatcher.