All I ever want is for my hair to be cut at one blunt length. I pin it up a lot, and that’s easier to do if it’s all one length, and I also curl it a lot, which, again, works better if it’s one length. Also, I shouldn’t really have to justify this, because it is my own damn hair.

But you would not believe the amount of time I spend politely convincing hairdressers that, yes, really, I do not want lots of layers and having them either convince me otherwise or just give me layers. And I am delighted to learn that I am not the only one who is having this problem! Over at XOJane, Emily claims that she went into a New York salon and experienced this:

“Did you cut your OWN hair?” sneered the condescending jerk delivering my trim, and looked dubious when I told him that in fact, a professional had given me the shorter-in-back-longer-in-front-with-razored-ends look I was currently growing out.

“Girl, this haircut is cuckoo crazy,” he told me, before spending the next half-hour huffing and sighing and shaking his head sadly about how he was possibly going to “correct” this mess on my head. I left feeling small and impotently angry.

Look, I’ve never understood why manicurists tell you that your nails are awful. You’re probably already aware of the condition of your own nails (I bite mine, so I’m told this all the time). But I feel lik it’s only recently that hairstylists have also begun doing this. Aren’t they supposed to be… polite? And defer to you, as you are the customer? Has this even happened to you? How do you handle it?

Personally, I now go to Supercuts to get my plain, blunt haircut. They never question it, and I save a ton of money by doing so, but that’s just me.

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