Left: Argos Baby Bliss Straightener – Right: Argos Remington Straightener

This past winter has been cold and long, and if your anything like us, your hair is really starting to reflect the last four months. Instead of easing gradually into the new season, why not take style into your own hands and start this incoming spring fresh? Hey, man, if the birds and the bees and the flowers and the trees can get all dolled up before it’s “officially” spring, so can the rest of us!

There are plenty of great ways to freshen up your style, and we’re ready with recommendations. When it comes to the best hair trends for spring 2013, the key word is versatility. Each of the following styles can go from day to night, work to play, without any real effort on your part. Considering spring is often crazy hectic for work, school and all other obligations, a little simplicity — that’s still very pretty — goes a long way. And the right tools make all the difference, which is why Argos is here to help with its range of styling tools, including straighteners, blow driers and multi-stylers.

The Versatile Updo

Whether your style is more classic or modern, this hairdo can match up with pretty much whatever outfit you want it to. For a traditional version, prep your hair using a moisturizing conditioner (dry ends and dullness never fit into any look — if you need proof, check out any photo of me pre-2009). Gather hair together at one end, twist into a ballerina bun at the top of your head, and secure using an elastic band and bobby pins. Spritz a bit of finishing spray all over to give it an even more polished look.

To change up this beloved style, slick a portion of your hair away from the finished updo, then fix it at a slant using a firm-hold hairspray. Not fun enough for you yet? Take
inspiration from Marc Jacobs and tie a colorful headscarf around the entire style. If you’re feeling brave, try matching your lips to your scarf using a tinted, sheer (not matte!) lip color.

How Low Can You Go?

As I said earlier, versatility is the key to simplifying your routine and keeping things quick when you transition from your daytime look to night. A low slung ponytail done in a sleek fashion is the perfect blend of functionality and style for either an evening out with friends, a big date or a work function. Plus, it’s fast and easy (i.e. my favorite two descriptors when it comes to hair stuff).

You can either blow out your hair smooth or straighten your hair with a good flattening iron, like these Babyliss ones. Or, if you’re extra lazy like myself, simply apply mousse, dry shampoo and plenty of hairspray for a sleek and smooth texture. Just remember: be sure to tie the ponytail right below the nape of the neck, otherwise you’ll look less “laid back” and more “I just got back from soccer practice.”

Sleek & Shiny

Feeling ready to take on a more wild style? The slick hair trend might just be for you. Recreating the wet hair look (but like, on purpose this time) is easy: just add a little gel at the roots, then comb through the top of the head. This is a great option for just about anybody, as it works for short bobs as well as shoulder-length hair.

You can apply this method of styling to any area of your hair, as it’s an easy way to slick down a section on one side of your head and sweet it across to the other side. The side-swept hair can be held in place with an ornamental clip (the brighter, the better for spring!).

Beautiful Braids

Braids have been seeing a huge resurgence over the last couple years, and this past runway season has shown us that they’re not going away any time soon. Gone are the days when one or two simple braids was all you could do with your daily style; now, there are plenty of styles to choose from.

Fishtail brads are an artistic take on the tradition plait and can be incorporated into an updo, ponytail or loose tousled style. They were all over the red carpet this season with stars like Leona Lewis and Fergie embracing this modern look. Plus, despite looking polished and professionally-done, it’s surprisingly easy to recreate at home.

If you want a smooth finish, be sure to brush your hair thoroughly first; for a more natural, look, you can just separate it loosely by hand. Start by creating a ponytail and secure it with a clear elastic band. Divide the ponytail into two different sections. Take a strand from one side and cross it over to the other side and then do the same with the other section. Continue braiding until you have covered the desired amount of hair. When you’ve finished, cut the elastic band and you should have a naturally flowing fishtail pattern.

This post is brought to you in conjunction with Argos.