haircut-prices-sexistYou know how it’s really, really annoying that no matter what haircut you decide to get, the price is nearly always higher for women than men? I have had a pixie style multiple times, and I recall paying the standard haircut prices for each of them, including quick trims, whereas all my male friends with similarly short hair pay about $20 less at the same salons (and, sometimes, even at nicer ones as well). It makes some sense to charge extra for longer hair or complicated cuts, but only if that rule goes for both males and females, and unfortunately, that is rarely the case on pricing menus. Having experienced this annoyance, a woman in Denmark recently decided to argue against it.

The woman apparently had a short haircut already, but when she went to a salon, they still insisted she pay about $16 more for a “woman’s haircut.” Despite seeking the exact same cut a man with the same hair length would get, she was told she’d be charged more simply due to her gender. As a result, she opted to not get the cut and instead went to Denmark’s Board of Equal Treatment. They ruled in her favor against the salon, observing that the business only listed the gender of customers with regard to haircut prices, whereas they should have listed the hair length or time that services were needed if the owners had wanted to up prices for specific haircuts.

According to the Huffington Post, Denmark isn’t alone in its unbiased pricing rules: New York City has gender-equality provisions to keep businesses from using different prices for women versus women. Hopefully, more salons will take note and amend this rather frustrating, yet very expected, custom.

Photo: Meagan Fisher / Flickr