A Manhattan hairstylist named Marina Vance is being charged with discrimination by the New York City Commission on Human Rights after allegedly leaving an incredibly racist voice mail on the phone of a client named Tifany McIntosh. (And missing a subsequent court date that the city had scheduled.) According to McIntosh, a family emergency caused her to have to cancel her hair appointment, but before she could make another one, she received a horrible voice mail from Vance, which said in part:

“I’m sure you’re a fucking n****r, ah, who doesn’t care for anybody’s time, alright? I wish, you know what, please, that you don’t show up for your appointment, ah, which is coming. Tifany with an ‘F,’ a fucking n****r, next time, or or a fucking Dominican bitch.”

(I bleeped out the N-word because it is awful, and I don’t like to type it even if I’m quoting someone else in a blog post about how awful that person is.)

For her part, Ms. Vance has denied leaving the voice mail, as well as denying having a salon currently open in the city. The New York Times tried to track her salon down via her website, but to no avail. She later called in and told them that she does actually see clients in the city, but declined to say where. “The voice mail is not my voice,” she told the Times, adding that she hadn’t attended the first court date because she never received notification that it was happening.

So basically, she’s either going to claim Tifany McIntosh is lying, or that some phantom enemy of hers’s somehow made a call from her number and left the voice mail in question. Of course, there’s a small possibility McIntosh could actually be lying (or at least I’m obligated to report that there is until the trial is over), but I really can’t imagine someone would make an accusation this serious without a decent amount of evidence that it was true. Vance has already contradicted herself once, and I have a sneaking suspicion she’ll say and do more shady things as the story unfolds.

(Via Jezebel)