Halloween Ghosts Nail Art(via Pinterest)

You may have figured out your Halloween costume and have been looking at creative makeup ideas, but you can’t forget about your nails. There are so many imaginative Halloween nail art designs from pumpkins to spiders to spooky monsters. If you had the time and patience, you could paint your nails a different Halloween design everyday in October and still be left with enough amazing nail art ideas that would keep you in the Halloween spirit well into the new year. The most difficult part is choosing what one to try first.

Check out 20 Halloween monster manicures you need to try:

1. BatsBats Halloween Nail Art

This orange-and-black bat design covers all of the Halloween requirements.

2. Orange And Black CatsOrange And Black Cats Halloween Nail Art

Note: I don’t consider cats monsters, I just wanted to include them.

3. Vampire FaceVampire Face Halloween Nail Art

If a blood dripping manicure isn’t your thing, this vampire face is a less squeamish alternative.

4. Ghost FacesGhost Faces Halloween Nail Art

Who said that ghosts only have one bootiful expression?

5. MummyMummy Halloween Nail Art

You should use a glow in the dark nail polish too.

6. Green StitchesFrankenstein Green Stitches Halloween Nail Art

You don’t need a full face to know that this is Frankenstein. I love the shattered black French tips.

7. Monsters And Bloody NailMonster Faces Bloody Nail Halloween Nail Art

Remember that the bloody nail should always be next to the vampire.

8. Hocus PocusHocus Pocus Halloween Nail Art

If you start painting your nails now, you might be done for Halloween.

9. Skeleton BodiesSkeleton Nails Halloween Nail Art

As much as you’d like to, you can’t spend the entire day with your hands in this position.

10. Glitter FrankensteinFrankenstein Glitter Halloween Nail Art

Not even purple and green glitter can cheer poor old Frankenstein up.

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11. Vampire Mouth

Vampire Mouth Halloween Nail Art

I wonder what color lipstick this vampire is wearing?

12. Monster EyesMonster Eyes Halloween Nail Art

Not all monster manicures have to be creepy. This is as cute as a Disney manicure.

13. Owl WitchesOwl Witches Halloween Nai Art

Instead of doing the typical orange Halloween background, switch it up, and try blood red.

14. WerewolfWerewolf Halloween Nail Art

Switch the colors and this could become Game Of Thrones direwolf nail art.

15. Girly MummyGirly Mummy Halloween Nail Art

Add some pink, a bow, and possibility some sparkles, and you have a girly mummy.

16. Frankenstein’s BrideFrankenstein ANd His Bride Halloween Nail Art

You can’t forget about Frankenstein’s bride and her amazing hair.

17. Black CatBlack Cat Halloween Nail Art

This is so simple, but so effective. Use three layers of topcoat for a high shine.

18. Witches HatsWitches Hat Halloween Nail Art

To make this one even easier, paint the background one color instead of the subtle green gradient.

19. Jack SkellingtonJack Skellington Halloween Nail Art

It isn’t Halloween without a Nightmare Before Christmas reference.

20. Bat TipsBat Tips French Manicure

This is a spooktacular update to a regular French manicure.

21. Tiny GhostsTiny Ghosts Halloween Nail Art

I don’t know if this is Casper, but he sure looks like a friendly ghost.

22. EyeballsEyeballs Halloween Nail Art

You can let everyone guess what type of monster is hiding in the dark.

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