Want to get your spook on for Halloween? Then a monster manicure is just the thing for you. Whether you’re decorating your nails with mummies, vampires, jack-o-lanterns, ghosts, or a combination of them, you’ll feel more in the Halloween spirit with your creepy digits. If you haven’t tried a Halloween-themed manicure this October, what are you waiting for?

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Scroll down to see some creepy-cool monster nail art ideas for Halloween:

1. Mummies

These are cute and creepy at the same time. They’re also pretty easy to recreate.


2. Skeletons


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That pose is so freaky. They’re coming for us.


3. Monster Eyes

They’re all looking at us. Ahhhh!


4. Classic Halloween Monsters

This manicure has all of the classic Halloween characters.


5. Dracula, Jack-O-Lantern and Ghost

All the gang is here.


6. Black and White Mummies

Try something besides the dirty brown bandages.


7. Skeleton


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Don’t mistake that smile for a friendly ghost.


8. Frankenstein

The green nail polish in this look is fabulous.


9. Monster Faces

The bold colors and black faces in this make the monsters look like emojis.


10. Pastel Monsters

Yes, monsters can be cute.


11. Transparent Ghosts

The ghoulish glow effect on these ghosts is amazing.


12. Frankenstein Portraits

Those side portraits of Frankenstein and his bride are on point.


13. Skulls

They may be skulls, but they still classify as monsters. *shudders*