We’ve seen some creepy manicure ideas for Halloween from ones inspired by our favorite horror movies to vampire talons to some painful-looking bloody versions. There was some fierce competition, but “exploding pimple nails” win for being the most original manicure of them all.

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That’s right, everyone’s obsession with pimple popping has been turned into a manicure. And it’s gross, realistic, mesmerizing and unique all at once.

The creative mastermind behind the nail art is Natasha Lee. In a YouTube video of the the manicure, she applies a neutral nail polish as a base coat to resemble skin. She then adds a pinkish red to mimic the inflammation that we typically see surrounding pimples. To create the “zits,” she used a combination of nail glue and a banana hand cream to form the “pus” from the “whitehead.”

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Because that wasn’t enough, the vlogger also demonstrates squeezing the pus/hand cream out of one of the “breakouts” on her nail. Spoiler alert: If you love watching pimple popping videos, you will probably be weirdly entranced with the manicure. And if you’re someone who doesn’t get them at all, you’ll probably be a bit freaked out by the manicure.

We’ll have to see about whether exploding pimple manicures will become a nail art trend like chrome nails and shattered glass nails, but something tells us that a few people will be remembering this creative nail art for next Halloween.