Is Hannah Davis the next Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition cover girl?

Is This The Next Kate Upton? at least two news outlets are wondering of Hannah Davis, thanks to speculation that she’ll be the next Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition covergirl.

Sadly, when we read that headline, we got super excited at the prospect of another model with a slightly unconventional figure crossing over into mainstream success (with all the outre editorials and bluechip work that followed in Upton’s case).

But then we clicked through. Hannah Davis is, yes, super hot, but in more of a typical Sports Illustrated way (she’s like a blonde Irina Shayk!). That’s her up there, making mechaduckface on Twitter.

Then we realized that the sites reporting on Davis as the next Upton are saying this:

The 22-year-old beauty, who was born in the Virgin Islands, is a regular Ralph Lauren model and has appeared in Elle Mexico and ads for Victoria’s Secret and Jean Paul Gaultier. And in addition to dating the handsome New York Yankee shortstop — whom she’s been linked to since August 2012 — Davis definitely knows how to turn heads. She reportedly made a “rare, huge” first impression on Sports Illustrated producers during the swimsuit shoot (read: she looked super hot), so much so that she’s even being considered for the cover.

See that last bit? About making a “rare huge” first impression? That’s when we realized this is a plant and Hannah almost certainly has the cover. You have to generate buzz, after all.

She’s also dating Derek Jeter, which is great for SEO.

Anyway, Hannah is super pretty. You’ll probably be seeing a lot of her next month when we learn who has the cover of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition for real.

(via HuffPost)