One of my best gal pals, Kristin, is CRAZY into Harajuku lovers. I hope she’s reading this right now!

Harajuku Lovers

As we are all aware – and super-grateful for – winter is finally about to come to an end.

And so, isn’t it time for Harajuku lovers to branch into the season?

With glowing tans and the perfect pedicured toes, they totally are — with the Sunshine Cuties line!

These scenes are fresh, and new, and perfect for summer: Love, Lil’ Angel, Music, Baby, and G are ready to hit the beach!

And so are we! Here’s what to expect from the line:

Love: This is a fruity floral, mixing and matching a vintage inspired one piece with modern wrap around removable sunglasses. A red Hibiscus flower is the perfect accessory to keeping her ponytail in place.

Lil’ Angel: A citrus vanilla, Lil’ Angel suits up in a teeny weeny navy blue bikini scattered with sweet yellow and white hearts (showing her love for the beach)! Never without her signature headband, she dresses it with a few fragrant Plumeria flowers to channel a tropical vibe.

Music: Music keeps it nautical as a sensual floral. Her navy and white striped bikini is trimmed in bright cherry red and accented with some sweet and playful bows. A red Hibiscus hair flower makes the perfect topper. Aye Aye, it’s super kawaii!

Baby: A dewy floral, Baby is a quintessential girlie girl in a pink on pink polka dot bikini with ruched top and string bottom. A few Plumeria flowers nestled in her hair add the finishing touch to her super kawaii ensemble.

G: A creamy musky, G wears a tuxedo bandeau bikini top and for a pop of color, turquoise boy short bottoms. Her sweet headband is adorned with a mix of tropical Plumeria flowers.

So, which girl reflects your personality best? Comment below!