Today is a pretty magical day in the beauty world. Christmas tree hair is now officially a thing and Star Wars-inspired lightsaber makeup brushes could be happening. Another great thing we found out today is the existence of a Harry Potter Sorting Hat Bath Bomb.

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Seventeen reported that the Rebecca Lynn Etsy shop has a bath bomb inspired by the famous sorting hat from Harry Potter. The white bath bomb is decorated with stripes each representing the different houses of Hogwarts: red for Gryffindor, green for Slytherin, yellow for Hufflepuff and blue for Ravenclaw.

When you put the bath bomb into the tub, it will turn the water a mystery color depending on what Hogwarts house the bath bomb has decided to sort you into.

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If you’re looking to stock up on the Sorting Hat Bath Bomb as a last-minute Christmas present, note that the Etsy shop is currently sold out of them. However, the brand posted a note on Instagram saying that the fizzers will be restocked on January 1. You can always get them as a New Year’s present or as a belated Christmas present. When Potterheads have these fizzers dissolving in their tubs, they won’t be too concerned what day of the year it is.