Even beauty enthusiasts can admit that washing your face can sometimes feel like a chore. That’s why there are occasions when we go to bed without removing our makeup. Natural K-beauty site Glow Recipe has a range of products that make cleansing more exciting — as well as delivering results. The latest curation is the Harumada Triple Balance Morning Cleansing Pads ($14) which feel like a mini facial when you’re washing your face.

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Glow Recipe describes the Harumada pads as a “wake-up call” for skin. They’re meant to be used in the morning to keep complexions looking fresh all day long. Each pad is comprised of triple layers and different sides. The first side is an embossed microfiber layer which gently cleanses to remove dirt and oil. Flip over to side two and it is a 100 percent pure cotton side for toning and treating. Those who are concerned about using harsh astringents should be aware that it’s made out of non-irritating ingredients including peppermint, witch hazel and sage. The ingredients prep skin and restore moisture balance without drying out faces or making skin go beet red.


The pad already comes loaded with the product which means that you don’t need to worry about extra cleansers and toners. Simply rip open the package, use the cleaning side then reverse it and swipe the toning pad over faces. That’s it.

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Harumada’s Triple Balance Morning Cleansing Pads have been made for busy lifestyles hence their portability. They could easily be stashed into gym bags, overnight bags and suitcases.


In addition to the morning cleansing pads, Glow Recipe is stocking the Triple Balance One-Step Cleansing Foam Pads ($14). They come with the same convenient, ready-to-use design but can be used at night. The cleansing side targets makeup, pollution, dirt and oil while the other sides tones skin and readies it for moisturizer.

Cleansing doesn’t sound like such a chore now, does it?

(Photos: Glow Recipe)