anne hathaway love

According to Buzzfeed:

Her career may be on the rise, but public opinion of Anne Hathaway is at an all-time low. Why all the hate?

Huh. I remember, once, years ago, Anne Hathaway gave an interview regarding her role in The Devil Wears Prada that made me hate her a bit.

It said something about how, at one point, during the scene where her character goes to the Met Ball they wanted to do a makeover where they put a tiara on her. But she was sick of that after all the Princess Diaries stuff, and said that she would only do that if her character then tore the tiara off her head and began tearing it apart.

And I thought “well, you know, that seems somewhat ungrateful towards a franchise that really put you in the public eye.” And, fine, I loved The Princess Diaries. I will still probably watch it every time I stumble across it while flipping channels on TV (other movies I find this to be true of are Casino and Goodfellas ,so I think it evens out). But then years passed, and I realized that if I was in my early 20’s that’s exactly the kind of thing I would have offhandedly said to an interviewer, too, and, well, that is not really a reason to hate Anne Hathaway.

And she went back to being my favorite actress, pretty much. She seems warm and accessible. I thought it was vaguely bizarre when she protested at Occupy Wall Street considering the fact that movie stars are paid a salary very disproportionate to everyone else in the world, but, well, I’m okay with that. Maybe she was just really feeling her role as Catwoman in The Dark Knight Rises.

Other than that I think she does an excellent job in virtually every movie I’ve seen her in. I think Brokeback Mountain was a pretty bold choice. I thought that Catwoman was the best part of the Dark Knight Rises (the hats alone!) and I know I’m not the only person who feels that way. I think she’ll be great in Les Mis.

I even liked her dress, yesterday. I thought the sleeves were neat.

And I think she also seems like someone who – and I know I am not basing this off of anything, really – works very hard at her roles. She doesn’t seem like a diva. She seems like someone who shows up and does her job with a reasonable amount of good cheer, and I like this quality.

So, I’m a huge fan. I think she’s great. She’s probably one of the rare actresses whose presence in a movie would make me more likely to go and see it.

But you hate her, I guess, because you are an abject monster. Why? Let me know! Don’t say anything about her physical appearance!