You know, Barbie with no make-up does not look so bad. She just looks really tired and hungover. At least, that’s how she looks in the altered photo of her done by  Eddi Aguirre. Here. She looks like she needs a nap, terribly:

barbie no make-up

Also, I don’t think it’s really fair to give her braces. When I take off all my make-up I do not magically sprout braces from my teeth.

The Daily Mail, as you might expect, has rounded up some negative comments, such as:

‘A doll with an incredibly sick look? Like she’s got an awful hangover or renal failure? Which child would want it?’ wrote one commenter.


‘I didn’t know “natural” meant you looked like you’ve been up all night and you smoke crack,’ wrote another.


And: ‘I think I just saw Ken running away in horror!’


One woman, named Raven, added: ‘I fail to see what’s wrong with admiring beauty. Even if it’s the beauty of a Barbie. Why do we need to destroy something that has been an icon for generations? Because some people feel inadequate in comparison? Stop comparing yourself. Don’t blame her.’


Of course, there’s definitely something good about reminding young women that their role models often do not look in pictures the way they look when they first get out of bed in the morning. That said, I do think that this depiction might have taken it a little bit far (I always assumed that Barbie’s teeth were not yellow, for instance. Some people do just have good teeth).

Picture via WENN