Oh my goodness, Emma Watson’s brother is really, really good looking. Like, Zoolander good looking. Which I guess explains why he is a male model now.

Look at him!

burberry Emma Watson brother

That is a Burberry ad he’s modeling for, so he’s doing pretty well. And according to Jezebel:

if your dream man is just a dude who looks exactly like Emma Watson only a little taller, with facial hair and no female anatomy, then Alex is your guy. And if you refuse to date anyone who hasn’t appeared in any of the Harry Potter movies, you’re still in luck because he’s appeared as an extra in two of them.

His name, incidentally, is Alex, just in case you also want to think of him as something other than Emma Watson’s brother.

Which may be hard not to do, because he does essentially look  EXACTLY like Emma Watson. But he has a real human name too. He is an individual, even though we did not really present him as such.