Despite its insane popularity among downwardly mobile young women and Internet trolls, Girls does not seem like the easiest TV show to create merchandise tie-ins for. Most of its characters do not exactly lead what you would call an “aspirational” lifestyle, and Jessa‘s “fucking classy” get-ups aside, it’s not known for its beautiful clothes, hair or makeup. But that doesn’t mean people won’t try. This is America, after all.

Created by the Deborah Lippmann cosmetics company, the Girls line of nail polish consists of four colors “inspired by the hit HBO comedy series”: Hapless Hunter Green, Prim and Proper Pink, Virtuous Vivid Violet, and Slutty Bohemian Burgundy. I’ll leave it up to you to guess which is whose. I’m glad they gave a nod to Hannah’s somewhat drab wardrobe, but I would argue that Shoshanna’s college-era virginity is not the result of any kind of virtue, but late-blooming social skills and a tendency to be neurotic about things.

Which color speaks to you? Personally, I’m a fan of the burgundy, as I am of most things Jessa wears, and might try out a similar color the next time I’m trying to be sexy. THAT DOES NOT MEAN THAT I THINK I’M A JESSA. Did I say that? I just enjoy her free-spirited foolishness and ability to pull off feathers, okay?

I fully encourage Lena Dunham to go out and spend some of her $3.7 million book advance on hundreds and hundreds of these, then give them to people as a consolation prize each time she talks about said book deal. “Did I mention I have a $3.7 million book advance? Here, have a nail polish. Are you a Marnie or a Jessa?” At least, that’s what I would do if I were Lena Dunham and wanted to make people mad(der).

(Via FabulousK)

Photo: Deborah Lippmann