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subway woman

You cannot stop him, despite the fact that he is the head of the police force, and this is clearly illegal. You cannot stop him because seemingly he has his own crazy reason.

According to RocketNews:

Last month a man was caught red-handed groping an innocent office lady on a train in Kyoto, in violation of the region’s laws against causing public disturbances. The man was put under immediate arrest, and while this admittedly unfortunate event may seem a bit too tame to be newsworthy, the offender was none other than the head patrol officer of Osaka’s police force! Apparently, this groping incident was far from the first for this once-respected officer.

Admitting his guilt, the patrol officer explained his motive as follows: “After accidentally brushing my hand against a woman’s body, I just couldn’t forget that soft, tender feeling.” He has now confessed to molesting around 30 unsuspecting women since last October.

I understand that he cannot forget soft tender feelings, but I wish he had found them with anyone who was consenting to be fondled, or even aware they were being fondled. Honestly, if someone came up to me and said “I wish to recall the soft tender feel of a woman” I… would not let them grope me, probably. But I would feel very sorry for them! I would consider probably shaking his hand in a prolonged way, or possibly giving him a very slow high five, even though my palms have a workmanlike quality to them.

Probably just don’t grope strangers, though. Just don’t do that.

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