It has been a hot minute since we’ve had a bold brow trend to discuss. We’ve had foil brows, ponytail brows, negative space eyebrows and squiggle eyebrows, to name just a few. The latest look that has the internet going crazy is heart brows.

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Given some of the wild brow looks we’ve seen, you might first assume that the trend involves people turning each brow into a heart but the look is actually more wearable than that. Instead, it has people “carving” little hearts in their eyebrows for a sweet detail.

The photos online show tiny heart cutouts on groomed arches. Many people are suspecting that this is another brow trend that relies on Photoshop given the flawless finish of the hearts. Although, people who are feeling experimental could pluck and shave their eyebrows to achieve the save effect. Those who don’t want to deal with the growing out process cold also recreate the look IRL with eye pencils.

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The one other thing that helps the heart brow trend is having a thick set of arches that allow you to draw a decent size heart in them. Those with skinny eyebrows might have a bit more trouble recreating the look. However, there’s no rule that says you cannot have help with brow pencils. Similarly, there’s nothing wrong with creating a heart that extends beyond your brows. It’s all about making the look your own.