I’ve got a curly mane that doesn’t ask for more than a wash every other day and a comb through with my fingers as I’m running out the door. Even though I am blessed with my low maintenance hair (because it will always look crazy and I have embraced that) (also, I’m lazy), I still find myself arriving at work to realize, damn, I forgot to shower, again.

…But have no fear! A few bobby pins–and maybe some mini-deodorant–can make it seem like you planned the Heidi look all along.

Heidi braids made the rounds this summer (as they, inevitably, do every summer), appearing as intricately-woven runway dos and dotting red carpets in more elegant, updated styles. I particularly like the Olsens’ strung-out greek goddess look.

I think they look best a bit messy (Ed. Note: Agreed!), when your hair hasn’t been washed in a while, and can find peace just nesting, unfussily, on top of your head. Here are 3 easy steps to getting Heidi Braids without having to really look in the mirror. Let’s begin.


STEP 1 : Braid

All you need for this look is a handful of bobby pins. Usually they are sitting at the bottom of my purse along with granola bar crumbs and old gum. Once you have fished them out, braid your hair in two loose pigtails.

Got it? Good.

STEP 2: Pin

Pull one of the  pigtails up across the crown of your head and pin it to one side. There’s no need to pull the braids tight, but it might take a few pins on each braid to keep them steady.  Take the other pigtail and lay it over the already pinned braid. Tuck and pin the end of the second pigtail under the first, still keeping it loose.

STEP 3: Mess

Using a couple more bobby pins, secure the braids to your head and tame sneaky stragglers. Obviously my hair is a curly explosion, so everything seems to morph together into one big hair blob… but don’t be afraid to pull out some tendrils and make it look (intentionally) messy!

After a few tries you should be able to do quick Heidi braids without even having to look in the mirror. It’s an invaluable skill when you’re commuting, caught in sudden unbearable humidity, or running to meet your mother (who always seems to bring up your questionable hygiene)!

So there you go, a quick fix to those scary, lazy, or just-wanting-to-look-like-a-Dutch-school-girl hair days.