As Ashley mentioned in her BAFTA’s red carpet post earlier, and featured in that glorious photo at the end, Helen Mirren has dyed her hair pink. The pale bubblegum shade might not work on everybody, but it certainly suits her better than anyone I’ve ever seen attempt it.

As the picture in the linked post shows, Mirren was clearly having an amazing time. She looked stunning and whimsical. For an actress who is 67 and has been in the business for nearly half a century, it’s wonderful to see Mirren so genuine in her excitement to be there. She twirled and whirled in her gorgeous silver gown, giving the cameras a whole lot of fantastic images to snap up.

Bafta Arrivals

She is so obviously happy, it’s actually rather breathtaking.

According to the Huffington Post, Dame Helen was inspired to dye her hair by, of all things, America’s Next Top Model. When asked, she said:

“I just thought it would be fun to dye my hair pink. I mean, honestly, I was watching ‘America’s Next Top Model’ and the season where there were the British girls. Well, the British girl who won, she had pink hair, and I thought: ‘That looks really pretty.’ So I’m copying her, basically.”

The reason I am extra pleased is because there’s this ridiculous notion that women of a “certain age” are supposed to start dressing and styling themselves to look a certain way. Shorter hemlines, longer hair and exciting makeup are for the young and the young only, and that older women should try only to make themselves look as young as possible for as long as they can. Mirren, however, defies this.

Yes, she looks incredible and her figure has barely changed in several decades, but she has aged naturally (and gorgeously, thanks to her exceptional genes and probably good habits, too) and refuses to force herself into some convention of what older women are “supposed” to look like. She wears what she wants, she behaves how she feels and she dyes her damn hair because she liked a young woman’s hair on TV. She’s just plain awesome, and serves as the perfect example of why women can and should do whatever the hell they want with their physical appearances, regardless of age and societal standards.

Oh, and one more, just because:

Bafta Arrivals

I mean, really.

Photo: WENN.com