Statement earrings are one of the hottest accessories trends on the runways right now along with mini bags, but the helix tattoo trend is so cute that it will make you want to ditch your earrings completely to show it off.

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You might have already been admiring someone’s helix tattoo without even realizing what it’s called. The trend was spotted by ELLE UK and it involves tattoos decorating the the outer curve of the ear, aka the helix.

The area might not be very big, but it doesn’t take much for it to make an impact. Similar to tattoos on other parts of the area and those located behind the ear, the tiny ink can actually make a big statement.

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Another brilliant thing about helix tattoos is that they are surprisingly versatile. Popular looks include designs that stretch down the length of your ear. However, horizontal designs that mimic ear piercings are also popular. And there are really no limits on the the style, colors or shapes you can include in your helix tattoo.

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The only thing you will want to remember is that you don’t want to cover up your pretty helix tattoo with your hair. Updos or half-updos are the way to go if you have long hair. Or you could also get on the season’s hottest hairstyle trend, a buzzcut . That way you’ll have a trendy (and cool) new ‘do and you’ll be able to properly show off your ink.