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Meet the NEW improved Jade Roller. ✨Recently your feedback has told us that our Jade Rollers weren’t meeting durability needs. We’ve heard your concerns loud and clear and are excited to bring you a new and improved Jade Roller! Now crafted with improved hardware and higher quality ethically-mined stones to withstand the tests of time and use. Jade Rollers improve circulation and vitality, help with de-puffing and easing facial tension. Metaphysically, Jade is used to enhance harmony and bring positivity and peace. Now available online @Sephora and 💚🙌💚 If you have purchased a Jade Facial Roller that was damaged within the last 90 days, please contact us at

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Herbivore has a collection of beloved products from its highly anticipated Pink Cloud Rose Water Moisture Creme to the recently launched Prism.  Another product it’s known for is its facial roller. The brand has a pretty Rose Quartz Facial Roller. What’s more, Herbivore recently relaunched its Jade Facial Roller ($30) featuring a new and improved design.

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The beauty brand explained on Instagram that it decided to relaunch the jade facial roller after listening to customer feedback. Herbivore redesigned the roller to be more durable and for longer use. It now features improved hardware and it’s crafted out of Aventurine Jade.

If you’re still not sure what the deal is with jade rollers, they’re an ancient skincare tool from China that has found favor again in modern times. Jade rollers help improve circulation, making skin look more luminous and less puffy because they help with lymphatic drainage. What’s more, they help skincare products absorb better.

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Those who like to use crystals will also know that jade promotes feelings of positivity, peace and harmony. So, when you’re massaging the jade roller over your face, you’re improving your mind and your complexion.

Note that if you purchased Herbivore’s original Jade Roller in the last 90 days, you can contact Herbivore at for information about what to do.

Those who are curious to try out the new roller can shop it now at Sephora and