If you’re looking to boost your glow this summer, highlighter, bronzer and self-tanner aren’t your only options. Skincare products can increase your inner radiance. And Herbivore has recently launched the Prism Glow Potion ($62) for a lit-from-within look.

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The beauty brand describes the product as a hybrid between an essence, serum and a potion. The magical part is that it’s a multitasker that exfoliates skin to declog pores for smoother, more even, glowing complexion.

The secret to the formula is a “rainbow” of natural fruit acids and hydrating botanicals. The Herbivore Prism Glow Potion has a total of 5% natural fruit acids to buff away dry, flaky skin and clear out pores. If you’re concerned that it might be too intense, it’s described as a gentle exfoliator on Instagram. Herbivore reports that a bit of tingling is normal the first few times the product is applied, but if skin becomes red or inflamed, to continue use.

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It actually couldn’t be easier to use. Unlike some chemical exfoliators, it’s not necessary to rinse the Prism Glow Potion off. Herbivore instructs to apply four to eight drops. If you’re going outside, ensure that you’re wearing sunscreen to protect skin because the acids can increase sensitivity. If you love the effect, the product is gentle enough that it can be used on a daily basis.