Were you beginning to think that you were running out of new, exciting ways to decorate your vagina? Were you getting bored with the feather merkins, the regular merkins, the vajazzle and the vattoo?

Of course you were. You can’t be expected to keep your vagina looking one way for your whole life, after all! It’s there as decoration, and it should be treated as such.

And that’s why Lovehoney, a sex toy company in the UK has introduced the majazzle — a vag dec designed to celebrate the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, a.k.a. her 60th anniversary on the throne. Shaped like a crown, the majazzle is “the crowning glory for your nether regions!” according to Lovehoney’s website.

Like most vajazzles, the applique is made of sticky rhinestones and goes right on your mons pubis. Happy Diamond Jubilee, everybody.

[via HuffPo]