Every year people use the excuse that it’s St. Patrick’s day to not only get falling down drunk, but to wear green clothing from head to toe. By noon on St. Patty’s day, especially this year since it falls on a Saturday, you’ll find a bunch of people dressed like that leprechaun from Lucky Charms throwing up on street corners everywhere.

As one who doesn’t need a special holiday for such revelries, I find the whole display annoying. But what I find even more annoying is how both men and women dress in green ever March 17th as if this is the greatest and only way to show your Irish pride, even if you don’t have an ounce of Irish in you. Because as they say: “Everyone is Irish on St. Patrick’s Day!” In other words: “Everyone has the excuse to drink green beer and get wasted on St. Patrick’s Day!”

So this year, instead of donning your Kelly green dresses and shirts like everyone else in town, why don’t you put the green in your make-up instead. If ever there’s a time, besides Halloween to rock green lipstick, tomorrow is definitely your chance to do it.