It started when I was in elementary school. Bonne Bell made those “necklaces” where you could string a bunch of lip glosses on something that vaguely resembled a lanyard. My summer camp flavors of choice were bubble gum, pineapple, and Dr. Pepper. As I grew older, I graduated into SoftLips and Carmex. During my first kiss, I was wearing cherry chapstick (take that Katy Perry, because I was kissing a boy).

At any given time, I am carrying at least two kinds of lip balm with me. I’ll have one in a pot and one in a stick, minimum. One is always unscented/medicinal (Carmex again) and one is always scented (right now it’s peach… so summery). I’ll try just about any kind of lip balm known to woman. I once paid for a two dollar tube of lip balm with a credit card because I didn’t have cash on me but couldn’t bear to leave the store without it. I reapply about seventeen times a day. Or maybe an hour. And I cried the day Chaptastic stopped publishing. In other words, I am completely addicted to lip balm. I’ll take gloss, sheer, matte, colorless, scented, unscented… give it to me, and I’ll try it at least five times.

Am I the only one? Or would some of you like to join me starting a support group? I’ll be there at 5 with boxed wine and some Burt’s Bees. What, you don’t expect me to stop cold turkey, do you?