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Do you love high heels? What about bold brow trends? Then you’re going to be intrigued by the latest eyebrow trend to captivate the internet: high heel brows.

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There have been many bold brow trends to go viral over the last few months, but it seems like there have been a greater influx of crazy brow looks in the last few weeks. We’ve had nail brows, fishtail brows, halo brows, jeweled brows and dipped brows. That brings us to high heel brows. The look was first seen on the @SkyEditz Instagram account, the account that edits different Instagrammer’s photos. FYI: It’s the same one that brought us fishtail brows.

High Heel Brow Tutorial 👠 @daisymarquez_

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As you can probably guess, the trend involves turning a curved eyebrow into a shoe. What’s crucial to the look is that it only involves transforming one eyebrow. The other arch is left in the traditional eyebrows shape.

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Obviously, the look is created with the help of Photoshop as opposed to brow pencils and gels. But, we’re sure there are some makeup artists who are busy coming up with tutorials for how to actually transform their brows into a shoe IRL.

👠 Brows @isabellaxchavez

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