You probably have an idea about what high heel nails look like, right? You’re probably envisioning the popular Christian Louboutin manicure with the black tips and the red underside. Or maybe you’re thinking of a spiky stiletto manicure. Well, the latest version of high heels nails takes a more minimalist approach by building on the recent wire nail trend.

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Popsugar reported that the geniuses at the Unistella Nail Salon in Korea are back giving us more gorgeous nail designs to swoon over. For their latest manicure look, they are painting a thick stripe down the center of the nail and leaving the sides unpainted to mimic a minimalist shoe.

Ever the creatives, they are also doing the opposite and incorporating the negative space nail art trend and creating by leaving the middle unpainted then adding the color to the sides to form the “heel.”

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Unistella are even incorporating the wire manicure look by taking the pieces of thin wire used in wire manicures and placing them along the moons of the nails to give the “shoe” some definition.

What makes the high heel nail art brilliant is that it’s versatile and easy to do. You can create the look with any nail polish color that you desire. You can also play around with the thicknesses of your heels. You could do a super skinny stiletto or you could try a trendy block heel look.

Go have a look at your shoe collection and let it inspire your manicure and check out Unistella’s Instagram to see how they’re inspired by footwear.