apple bible eating


The Bible would have you believe that individuals with intellectual curiosity were just gobbling down fruit left and right.

However, the journal of Psychological Medicine, a more current source, claims that:

The children in the high-risk group showed some significant cognitive differences. Those who had a close relative with anorexia were found to have better working memory – the ability to temporarily hold and process useful information while suppressing irrelevant information – and a higher IQ, on average. However, this group also showed reduced attentional control. In other words, they were less able to inhibit a well-learned response in a test where they were prompted to say the opposite of what they would normally say. Children with a family member with bulimia nervosa were found to do less well in tasks involving assembling of an object, displaying poorer visuo-spatial functioning than the control group.

So the kids most likely to become anorexics or bulimics are smart and mildly inattentive. Unfortunately, that sounds like everyone I know. Obviously this entails a lot of speculation, but why do you think there’s a connection between those two factors? Surely you do not need to have an IQ of 150 to notice that most models in fashion magazines have the same body type, so it’s not as though anyone with a lower IQ is simply blissfully unaware. What do you see as being the connection? Throw out some theories. Throw out information like a serpent.